October 4, 2015

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The Dark Knight Rises is an exclusive batman featuring:
- Meet the greater part of Batman's partners and recapture your quality to shield Gotham City from Bane.
- Become totally drenched in the story because of similarities of all the motion picture's primary characters
- Dozens of missions in addition to irregular occasions will make you feel all the rushes of being a superhero.
- Deal with prisoner circumstances, bomb squads, escapes and auto pursues
- An exciting battling framework that puts you right in the heart of the activity because of various moves and true to life impacts.
- Collect things covered up inside of the city to open redesigns and new battling abilities for Batman.
- Access Batman's finished munititions stockpile and figure out how to exploit every apparatus.
- Use the Grapnel to cross the city or to annihilation enemies, to thump out your foes or to hit a removed catch
- When kicks and contraptions are of no utilization, The Dark Knight depends on his vehicles to take care of business.
- Drive the Bat-Pod for uncommon vigilante missions or pilot The Bat for quick go over the city.
- Explore the whole city of Gotham and its diverse locale spread over a colossal guide and appreciate shocking design for aggregate submersion oblivious universe of Batman.

Download The Dark Knight Rises APK Mod for Android

What's new in the apk v1.1.3?
- Minor bug fixes.
- Working on Android Lollipop 5.0+

APK Mod v1.1.3 (Offline, Unlimited SP &Gold)  OR  APK Mod v1.1.3 (1st time online, Unlimited Gold only) + Data: Part1 | Part2

Install APK, extract data to Android/obb using 7zipper on Android, and play the game offline/online depending on APK.

Unlimited money proof

How to change the game language to English?

What's new in the apk v1.1.6?
- Minor bug fixes.

APK Mod v1.1.6 (Offline, Unlimited Gold & SP, Working on Android 4.4 back) + Data: Part1 | Part2

Install APK, extract data to Android/data using 7zipper on Android, and play the game offline.

What's new in the apk v1.1.5f?
- Minor bug fixes.

APK Mod v1.1.5f (Unlimited money) OR APK normal v1.1.5f + Data: Part1 | Part2

Install APK, extract data using peazip or 7zip, place data folder in Android/obb and play online for 1st time.

What's new in the apk v1.1.4?
- Improved performance
- Gameplay tweaks
- Optimized game size compared to previous version
New permission required: Kill background processes.
The game uses this permission to ensure greater stability and performance.
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