August 13, 2014


Eternal Legacy HD Features:
  • The best, deepest Japanese role-playing game available on your HD smartphone.
  • Freely explore majestic regions, real-time rendered in full 3D, with free 360° camera.
  • A mix of fantasy and sci-fi: fight with swords or guns, face robots and magic, fly your own ship!
  • Play as Astrian and save Algoad from destruction in this intense quest, lasting dozens of hours.
  • Dynamic turn-based fights: preset your attacks, which will be triggered once the gauge is filled.
  • Choose the 3 fighters of your team among the 8 different characters you meet along the way.

Tested and working well on Galaxy S2 (mali), HTC One X (tegra).

Download Eternal Legacy HD APK

APK v1.0.8 for most devices

APK v1.0.8 for Adreno (e.g Galaxy S)

APK v1.0.8 Tegra-MOD (for Tegra devices)

Note: It is recommended to download data via WIFI.

Because Eternal Legacy HD is an old game (not listed on Google Play anymore), new phone models may be not compatible  with the game.